Debby Peters FNTP, Dip Kin ICPKP

Functional Nutritionist

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Autoimmune Certified Coach

Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

RWS Practitioner


My health journey has been a long one in which I have discovered more and more about myself with each step.  I truely believe everything happens for a reason and I was meant to experience poor health to lead me on my journey of helping others.


I started as most people do searching for the one medical specialist that would help me, only to be disappointed time after time.  In my late teens to mid 30's I suffered from headaches, panic attacks, digestion issues, fatigue and had very low self-esteem.  Then into my late 30's & 40's I developed hormonal issues, joint pain and weight gain.


I discovered Kinesiology around the age of 40 and my life became a lot clearer,  I became a stronger person with a positive direction in life and went on to study Kinesiology for 3 years.

Although Kinesiology gave me a lot of the answers there was still a missing piece for me, which I came to discover was nutrition.  I found a fantastic practitioner that gave me all the right tools and knowledge on how, and what, to give my body, so that it was able to heal itself, and I have never looked back.  As with Kinesiology, I knew I had to study nutrition, to not only better equip myself, but also my clients.


Whilst studying nutrition I heard this statement, "All of the structure and function of the human body is run by nutrition" and it has stuck with me. This is very powerful and it makes sense that, what we put in our body, is what we get back from it. We need to have great nutritional habits for our bodies to run at optimal levels and  I honestly believe "food is medicine and medicine is food".

I am most certainly still on my health journey and I am constantly finding new and exciting courses that help me and of course will help you.  I believe we never stop learning and we have to keep up with current research.

My passion is to help my clients discover better health with nutritionally dense whole foods and to help you transition into healthier eating habits without stress or anxiety.  I want to help you discover the power you have internally to create any lifestyle you want for yourself.

I look forward to helping you achieve a "Healthy You".

My goal is to provide:

"A kind, relaxed, confidential and professional environment where all who come can discover alternative ways to enjoy better health and wellbeing, and feel nurtured, connected, stronger and empowered."

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