All sessions are treated with utmost confidentiality and are held in a kind, non-judgmental and professional environment.


Various forms are required to be filled out and an extensive online questionnaire is to be completed.  These are analysed and then discussed with the client in a consultation along with a full history of the clients health.

A functional evaluation also takes place with the palpation of various points on the body that relate to organs and/or systems.  This allows us to work with the innate intelligence of the body and to eveluate the support it requires, this is also a great way for the client to connect with their bodies.  

A treatment plan is then recommended.


A full relevant history is taken and a goal is set around any part of your life that you want to enhance. Every person is different so each session is formed around the needs of the individual.

Once the history is taken and the goal is set you will lie, fully clothed (other than shoes), on the massage table.

We then begin the process of muscle testing the body to detect and identify the imbalances. Please wear comfortable clothing, pants or shorts are recommended.




Initial Consultation 60-75 minutes $150

Ongoing consultations 60 minutes $85, 45 minutes $70, 30 minutes $50



Initial Consultation $150

Ongoing 60 minutes $120 (children/students under 18 $100)


Payment options

Eftpos facilities are available 

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Phone: 0408 039 079


36C Bair Street (Russell Arcade)


(Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday)