I would like to share my personal journey with Deb.

Deb has shown me how to be a better version of myself, my health has improved, my general well-being has improved, I have achieved weight loss and I have a better more positive outlook on life.  When I stumble Deb picks me up and has shared many a technique to support me, including very tasty healthy balanced meals.  I highly recommend anyone to see Deb and make a difference in your own lives.  I cannot begin to thank you enough!


I was first introduced to Kinesiology through a friend around a year ago and have been visiting Healthy You ever since. To be honest I was sceptical on the benefit’s my friend had prescribed me, but after my first session all scepticism was completely erased. My reason for visiting Healthy You initially was to help with managing my energy levels and motivation, and found that kinesiology not only helped to stabilise my energy levels and provide me with a healthy level of motivation, but also helped with many other areas of my life including my health and dietary habits.

I have noticed some amazing changes in my mind and body of the last year that I thought may never be possible which are all attributed to the powerful influences of Kinesiology. I encourage anyone who wants to see results and change in their mind, body or spirit to take the first step and visit Healthy You. 



Deb has a great knowledge about Kinesiology and is constantly going above and beyond to learn more everyday so she can have a better understanding of each individuals needs.  I went to see Deb to help me with my sugar addiction.  No word of a lie after seeing her I confidently gave up sugar.  It was will power of my own but I honestly believe if I had not have seen Deb I would have never gotten the results that I did.  She is extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable.  Highly recommend!



Deb is an amazing Kinesiologist, who is always clear and concise with all the information that is shared with me. She has been able to locate and release old emotional feelings that have been causing me physical discomfort and each session brings me clarity and freedom to continue moving forward.  I always feel enlightened after each session.  Deb is extremely talented and is a trusting and caring Kinesiologist whom I highly recommend.



Deb, thank you so much for your support and understanding over the past few weeks. You truly have a gift and I hope that others like me continue to heal and learn from you. Thanks you for being a part of my healing.



I have been a patient of Debby for close to 6 months and I have already noticed significant changes in my life. I'm currently dealing with gut issues due to being diagnosed with coeliac disease, and Deb has been able to identify trigger foods which upset my balance and energy flow. Debby has worked well at getting to the root causes of my energy blockages from upsetting circumstances that occurred in my past. After dealing with the root causes I have felt more free and full of energy and life. I also feel that when trouble does enter my life I'm more capable of dealing with the issue with no concern to my well-being. I feel more positive and more hopeful for the future and I would highly recommend Debby to anyone who is having trouble in their own life.



A big thank-you to Deb for making a big difference in my life and helping my shoulder heal. Deb provides a calm and supportive environment.  Each session brings an answer which I do not expect, but is the perfect result every time.  My shoulder is freer and my whole system feels calmer.  The sessions are a mixture of healing the body and clearing the mind.  I feel lighter and more aligned in my body as well as bringing back the feeling of joy and creativity, to approach life with a spring in my step!  Pure Health and Wellbeing is a great resource for fine-tuning body and mind to choose to live the best life possible.  Thanks again Deb!



Debby is a warm and caring person with a beautiful gentle energy that translates into her incredible healing sessions. Deb has an amazing accuracy and her knowledge of all things wellbeing, particularly food and nutrition, continues to be so helpful for me personally.  I always feel so much more balanced, focussed and centred after a session with Deb.  I highly recommend Debby and Pure Health and Wellbeing to everyone that wants to feel great!



My  6 year old was feeling anxious at school, she was in grade preps.  Her anxiety could be evidenced when she got home as she would chew and suck the collars on her clothes and also her drink bottle lids.  After discussions with her teacher I decided to try Kinesiology.  After asking around I was recommend to take her to Deb Peters at Healthy You.  Elly had a couple of sessions with Deb which she thoroughly enjoyed, and Deb was able to work wonders with my daughter.  I have been so pleased at the positive results that I have seen after only a few sessions with Deb it has been incredible.  Thankyou sincerely Deb.

Jenelle and Elly